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Construction Business Advisor

As a construction business leader, you have some big challenges, not the least of which is remaining profitable despite about a hundred kinds of risk. Read More

Project Services

When a project is in trouble, MMA helps contractors by evaluating construction project issues and creating strategies to resolve them. Read More

Systems & Personnel

If your construction company is poised for growth, your systems and your personnel must be up to the challenge. Read More

Construction Industry Business Advisory

Burt Moorhouse, a veteran general contractor, serves a select group of construction companies in an advisory capacity. As such, he guides company owners and leaders in a strategic manner toward their goals of sustainable, profitable growth.

Moorhouse Management Advisors can help your construction business rise to the challenges and leverage the opportunities presented by today’s complex business environment.

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To learn more about Moorhouse Management Advisors’ business advisory solutions, please contact Burt Moorhouse.


Moorhouse knows how to manage and grow a construction business.
His advisory services concept gives our firm access to his network of other industry veterans for specific issues when they arise.
In this industry, the best consultants are business people with some construction experience. This is a real live construction person with business experience.
Moorhouse has become one of our top competitive advantages. I say this only because he promised not to work with anyone else in our market.
Outside of the financial world, I never heard of advisory services. But our association with Moorhouse gives our management team depth and resources beyond those that reside in most older and larger construction companies.
Moorhouse has been a powerful advocate for my construction business. His advice on one issue alone saved me hundreds of thousands and lots of heartache.